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BHO, winking at the camera, with his prop flag pin in his lapel, back before his hair went gray. He thought he was so smart and had fooled the American people. He was 1/2 right. He fooled 1/2 of them, twice. Not all and not me. So, on Nov. 4, vote wisely and show that you want to take YOUR country back from this jackass and his liberal cronies. It's your last chance. Nov. 4 will be huge for Republicans as the Restoration begins.

President Yayi Boni of Benin welcomes President Obama as he arrives at the soccer stadium for the Nelson Mandela memorial service.

US President Barack Obama, left, and First Lady Michelle Obama wave to the crowds as they depart from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Saturday, Jan. in Honolulu. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

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