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*"I have to resist the urge to tell strangers that they have great veins for starting IVs" haha

"I have to resist the urge to tell strangers that they have great veins for starting IVs." - Confessions of a Nurse I check Garbo's veins all the time it creeps him out.

Love being a nurse!

Tattoo idea: live life and love BEING A NURSE - 8 x 10 poster print (nursing, heart, stethoscope) graduation gift

....I have been to 10 specialists, had numerous tests and no one can diagnose me, what do you think it is?

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.

Gah I want to print this and hang at work. One in particular always asks if I have any antibiotics for a sinus infection he gets......NO, IT'S NOT BENEDRYL. Take all of your damn antibiotics!!

Funny pictures about Remember To Finish Your Pills. Oh, and cool pics about Remember To Finish Your Pills. Also, Remember To Finish Your Pills photos.

famous nurses-this is 1 of those things that Nurses MUST remember all though any Nursing College experiences and apparently beyond as I have learned.

What makes a nurse famous? It's usually not to his or her skill in medicine but a dedication to the rights and health of all human beings. Let meet the influential nurse in history that makes legacy and inspires people to become professional caregivers.

So true

The real joy comes when you advance the catheter all the way, the iv flushes well, and gives a great blood return! The flash itself doesn't mean the iv is good.