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I was suprised to see that a kidney is the most expensive organ (in highly developed country(s)), but I guess it's because it has the highest demand. Another thing, You can't really use dead organs for transplants, they have to be harvested and implanted soon after death and held in right conditions. So do they really sell (and obviously buy then too) dead organs?

You worth more dead than alive

You're worth more Dead than Alive.what is your body worth?


what's your biggest fear ? mines being forgotten , something about it gives me chills up my spine . i know we will all be forgotten sooner or later but i just really wish it could be later .


Ok so the lady has to be very poetic and the entire time the Teo are like ur since weird lady stop overdramatizing things

I will show you how it still shines like gold <3 <3 <3

No matter how damaged you think you think your soul is, it's beautiful and someone out there is looking to help heal you. First, you must be open to healing.

Victorian vulcanite snake and hand brooch...snake symbolizes eternal life...hand was used to point the way to heaven or to symbolize remembrance....Circa 1850-70

Victorian Vulcanite Snake and Hand Brooch, the snake symbolizes eternal life, the hand was used to point the way to heaven or to symbolize remembrance, circa