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First Wolves Born In Oregon Cascades Since The 1940s Caught On Camera (And They’re Adorable)

Remember the "wandering wolf," who traveled from Oregon to California and back while wearing a GPS collar? The US Fish and Wildlife Service discovered that he's now a proud dad to at least three pups, thanks to some camera trap photos.

Don't Flush Tiger Forests - Toilet Paper, Supermarkets, and Indonesia's Last Tiger Habitats. A report by the World Wildlife Fund. Paseo and Livi brand products are the ones to avoid if you want to do your bit to stop flushing the forests.

The newest strategy for saving bees is really, really old

Restoring the connection between humans, polycultures, and support of native bee populations for mutual benefit.


Fish are great at fighting climate change. Too bad we’re eating them all.

Fish are great at fighting climate change. Too bad we're eating them all. Article by Amelia Urry for Grist Magazine.

Oysters are a keystone species, cleaning and filtering the waters where they live, providing essential habitat for other animals and plants. In the Chesapeake Bay, one adult oyster filters out toxins and crud from 50 gallons of water per day. Now increased acidity of seawater due to rising carbon levels in the atmosphere is threatening oysters by corroding their shells.

Tell USFWS to Take Emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf! #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect