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El Chapo Papi on

RT @iamYmb_YungWon: So nobody seen that Hakeem got snatched?? #Empire: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi El Chapo papi on Twitter

RT @Amy_Genevieve: I'm ready for some #GronkSpikes #PatriotsNation: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Amy Genevieve on Twitter

Lavender Rae on

RT @Nekia_Rae: @CrayCrayBiBi "We go together like Bob Ross and happy little trees!": Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Lavender Rae on Twitter

ʝ on

RT @jaceeashtonn_xo: First Lewis then Edelman and now Amendola?! Make it stop #PatriotsNation: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi ʝ on Twitter

Jaime Tea on

RT @Conspic1: #haters are really super sad #losers #TomBrady #NFL #PatriotsNation #Patriots: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Conspicuo on Twitter

Michigan Gentlemen ♛ on

RT @onikaflores: other than Hakeem who else DIDN'T see that coming? #Empire: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Michigan Gentlemen on Twitter

I AM MORE!®(Dr.Toni) on

RT @IAMMORE: Check on a friend #fightdepression #loveconquersall #notalone #heartforothers #iammore #endthestigma: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi I AM MORE!(Dr.Toni) on Twitter

Relationships on

RT @CoupleFact: i refuse to open snapchat videos in public bc i do not trust my friends at all: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Couple Facts on Twitter

600' Ⓜ️ on

RT @llVisuallyll: work hard to make yourself proud don't do it for anyone else: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi on Twitter

♦️Ice Mamba♦️ on

RT @88InThisBish: You have to invest not only in things that make you money but In ideas that make you're mind rich. People who give you stability and peace: Follow me on #Twitter: @CrayCrayBiBi Ice Mamba on Twitter