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Egg, August Leopold (b,1816)- Desemona- F- 'Othello' (Color)

Garmash, Michael (b,1969) & Inessa - Woman in Hat, Hand-Face (Captivating)

Heath, Charles Theodosius (b,1785)- Shakespeare- 'Geroini'

Toussaint, Fernand (b,1873)- Woman w Palm Under Chin

Madrazo, Federico de (b,1815)- Amalia de Llano y Dotres, Countess of Vilches, 1853 -2b

Vahraméev, Aleksándr I (b,1874)- Woman Resting Head on Hands

Egg, August Leopold (b,1816)- Desemona- F- 'Othello' in- 'Heroines- Plays of Wm Shakespeare'

Kelley, Paul (b,1955)- Woman Sitting on Steps Looking at Ground

Viktor, Lyapkalo A (b,1956)- Woman- Head- On Hands