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Small Snow Leopard Wallpaper

I love snow leopards. Trying to come up with a way to make a snow leopard the sidekick in my next Light Chronicles novel.

Snow leopard cub :)  cute!

The snow leopard, recognized for its stunning, thick hair, has a white, yellow-colored or soft grey layer with ringed places of black on brownish. The markings assist camouflage it from victim.

Snow Leopard

Beautiful snow leopard - a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia.

Baby Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are endangered. This is a gorgeous Snow Leopard cub. Thanks to INature (FB)

snow bunny <3

Snowshoe Hare 2 ~ Photo by.Les-Piccolo© This rabbit was preening itself, as well as, watching me take its photo.

Thanks to generous donors, the San Diego Zoo pandas woke up to a winter wonderland.

Panda im Schnee im Zoo San Diego +++Panda Snow Day at the San Diego Zoo

Hmm I know many of these animals-trust me it's weird seeing these in zoos. Fossa, muntjac, duiker, you name it. I've known about others too.

Animals that you didn’t know existed…Actually I knew what a fossa and a naked mole rat were. Thank you Madagascar and Kim Possible. Not all adorable tho.