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funny bumper stickers. [This looks like something I'd do!] One day I got behind a car (in rush hour, evening traffic). Her bumper sticker read, "Pray for me. I drive (AKA: The Beltway.)

Originally for the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi. Now also including samurai and other ancient Japanese subjects. Explore tags: what is wabi-sabi? • ikebana • poetry • samurai • ink • pottery • landscape • autumn • winter • wood • metal • water • stone...

Duct tape + Kids = Silence ....... I'm Joking, they are locked in a shed

Ha, this just happened to me. LOL Funny Pictures Of The Day – 46 Pi

I hope I always have my constitutional right to protect myself and those I love. Gun control laws will take guns out of the hands of those who abide by laws but not those who are going to kill with guns, they aren't afraid to break the law! ~MH

Between the dog, the goat, the country fence, and the little boys in cowboy gear, I am not sure what makes me the happiest here!

This is on my bucket list.... To drive down an old country road in the fall and have someone take a picture behind you so you can see all the leaves flying up... I know I'm weird!! Lol