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This worksheet package has a complete list of the Vocabulary needed to introduce Greetings and Expressions of Courtesy. students will have a complete access to all the phrases they need to create a dialogue and begin Speaking in Spanish. The package includes a worksheet for students to create their dialogue.

This product contains 3 student worksheets that can be completed while viewing and Spanish film or documentary. There is a new vocabulary worksheet, a theme and character analysis worksheet, and a worksheet to rate the movie.

Back To School -TPR Classroom Commands in Spanish! Enter for your chance to win. Back to School- Spanish Classroom Commands- Play Simon Says in Spanish- Simon Dice (3 pages) from La Señora H on TeachersNotebook.com (Ends on on 06-17-2015) Awesome freebie to begin building your TPR Commands in your classroom. .

This wonderful worksheet will allow you to introduce weather vocabulary to your students. Once students are familiar with the vocabulary you can bring to class forecast printouts from the weather channel and have them translate weather around the world The second worksheet is a homework assignment so student scan practice writing the weather and sharing in class the weather in their hometown or any place in the world in Spanish.

This exciting and comprehensive lesson will have your students talking to each other in fun and informal conversations. Students will have a chance to interview their partner choosing from a set of 16 questions. The objective of the lesson is to have a full dialogue of at least five questions and answers.Instructions1- Distribute the two page phrases worksheets to the class.

This interactive unit is perfect to be used in January or February. The unit features a vocabulary worksheet with all the parts of the face and a winter theme label the face worksheet. Leave the second worksheet, as homework assignment. The student will bring their own photo and label their face.

This is a Flash Sale Freebie: It will be free for a limited time after posting. Follow me by clicking the green star by my store name to find out about my next flash sale freebie.-This is an all about me worksheet for Spanish students. Students fill out basic info about themselves and their favorites.

This worksheet is wondeful for students to get to know each other the first weeks of class. It will allow them to interview each other. The package consists of two worksheets. The first one has questiosn and answers in an easy format that can be used between two stduents to find about someone in the class.

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