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нaѕ alwayѕ вeen ғacιnaтed wιтн вιrdѕ ғor ѕoмe reaѕon. ѕнe loveѕ тo waтcн тнeм ғly. ѕнe woυld waтcн тнeм and ιмagιne нerѕelғ wιтн wιngѕ ғlyιng ғar ғar away. ғlyιng wнerever ѕнe wanтѕ тo. тoυcнιng тнe cloυdѕ and ғeelιng тrυe ғreedoм.

Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff - Literary Pursuits of a Young Lady by de sata1, via Flickr

Some people have it so bad, all they can do is run. Run away and never look back.

"To rout" by Luís S. Tavares, via Flickr

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Female character inspiration. The lantern makes this one a little creepy. Dark water

Epigee ~ Agrostine, ninfe dei campi.

Flower Girl Dress Portrait Silk Dupioni Custom Size/Colors Boutique AnthologyInc.