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Mikey Hanna's Punch Out!

Mikey Hanna's Punch Out!

Punch God in the wha?

Making the best trellis for grapes, will have you harvesting pounds and pounds of sweet succulent grapes from your own garden for you & your family! Thinking of starting your own grapes at home? Your grape trellis is a very important part of.

Thug kitchen - Quinoa oatmeal. Punch that clock in the f*cking face! (M)

Thug Kitchen QUINOA OATMEAL 1 cup steel cut oats (they aren’t all mushy like regular oatmeal) ½ cup quinoa (I used scarlet quinoa but you grab whatever you can find) 1 te.

Friend: what's a pewdiepie me: *stares at friend* them:uh okay I'll look it up right now

if anyone EVER asks me who or what Pewds is,I'm going to throw them in a barrel and roll them off a cliff.

No matter how much a snake sheds it skin. It's still a snake.

19 GIFs of Animals Knocking Out Kids Because We All Need This Right Now from GifGuide

19 GIFs Of Animals Knocking Out Kids Because We All Need This Right Now

Sometimes animals have had just it with our shit. And who doesn't love watching children get knocked over by a pack of puppies? View Hilarious Gifs Of Animals (Kinda) Attacking People" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor