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7x14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

Sam and his fear of clowns lol

Sam Winchester does not like clowns ~ Supernatural

Me. Me against clowns. The whole fucking world against clowns. (No offence to any clowns, there can just be creepy af)

I love this... the only problem is they spelt cass wrong

Supernatural / Doctor Who - Sam and his fear of clowns. this is immediately what i thought of when i saw that episode!

Supernatural vs....

God lol this is so right on! Buuuuut they should have had the one where Dean was afraid of everything and the cat jumped out at him. :P Another source for funny stuff!

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TVShow Time - Supernatural S11E07 - Plush

TVShow Time - Supernatural - Plush <<-- I can relate, though. Clowns ARE creepy AF

Supernatural fandom | Sam and clowns

Clowns do kill your parents, eat their souls, and throw blades at Deans head. What did Dean ever do to Clowns? I now sleep with a brass blade under my pillow.

This is the weirdest description of time have ever seen in Supernatural.

My favorite is the clown episode in season 7 'right friggin now!