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The sheer abundance of birdlife here is overwhelming. This is an important primate reserves, and the forest is full of monkeys of many species. Beautiful Chameleons are often seen in the undergrowth. At night the forest is a different world, the air filled with bats and ringing with the sounds of frogs, night birds and» Read More

.....The stars are caught in our hair...the stars are on our fingers.....a veil of diamond dust.....just reach up and touch it......

Dawn over Coba lagoon @coquicoquiofficial my room is at the top of a pyramid over a cenote( underground fresh water pool). Last night I could hear the croaking frogs see the bats eating the fruit from the trees the sounds of the jungle. This morning I'm going to bike over to the ruins. #travel #mexico #yucatan #coba #mayanruins