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"Ulvelle Mira was a dunmer witch. Who practiced in conjuration. She was my closest friend when I turned back to normal. She was the one that saved me."-Haggie

Empress of the Elves Gown by Lillyxandra

Community Post: How Would You Die In The "Harry Potter" Wizarding World?

You got: You’d survive Congratulations, you’re the boy (or girl) who lived! You managed to track down and eliminate all of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. You faced the Dark Lord in a grueling final battle, and proved yourself victorious! And all was well


Glorfindel, also known as Glorfindel of Rivendell, was an Elf-lord of a house of princes, one of the mighty of the Firstborn. Would love to have seen a him in Tolkien's cinematic world.