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Why Monty Python Was So Great

The whole bit is made all the funnier by knowing that all of the guards were just random extras who weren’t told what was going to happen, only that they weren’t allowed to laugh at any cost as they wouldn’t be paid if they did.

the fact that i laughed so hard shows that i still have the maturity level of a 3 year old

Men who lack adult supervision (25 Photos)

99 Beauty Memes That Will Make You LOL

Few things have the ability to brighten our day like a solid meme. But we found something even better than the average meme — beauty memes! Whether you're a hair and makeup pro or just learning how to braid your hair, these funny photos are bound

Background Slytherin is home for the holidays but luckily Snape is manning the castle. Merry Christmas!

37 Funny Quotes You're Going To Love