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Boatloads of butterflies have just been tallied at a national park in Bolivia.

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Hanging out at the Bar by dalantech on DeviantArt

Honey bee on Borage by John Kimbler

“CASTALIA GREEN MANTLE There are so many beautiful butterflies at Madidi, but in the running for loveliest and most dazzling of all is the Castalia green mantle. As Wallace said, ‘With its very own luminous green galaxy of stars, the Castalia green mantle is another spectacular Madidi butterfly.’ ”

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A Castalia green mantle (Caria castalia). Photo by Mileniusz Spanowicz / WCS.

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Dry Fly

Gallery: Dazzling Photos of Dew-Covered Insects

Dry Fly

Salsa Invertebraxa - Etcetrae by m0zch0ps on deviantART

DeviantArt: More Like Salsa Invertebraxa - Insect cemetary by

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An unknown species of Amegila collected by Suzanne Batra. The fluorescent hairs banding the abdomen of this old-world species are what give the group the general name of blue-banded bees.

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Freaky Moose Antler Bug is back again. This is the only place I ever see them.on my clothes line pegs. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Family: Rhipiceridae (feather or fan-horned beetles) Genus: Rhipicera

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Festive Tiger Beetle, face, Badlands,Pennington Co, ZS PMax

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DEER FLY Deer flies like this one, despite their groovy eyes, deliver a ferocious bite. And no wonder: when the female bites (males don't bi.

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