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кошкин дом = ^ .. ^ = | 296 фотографий

You (and your cats) can see the birds, but they can't see you in our Cat-Shaped One-Way Mirror Bird Feeder! This wildly entertaining bird feeder feature feature

20 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Can Actually Buy… I’m Definitely Getting #11. -

Cat Deco Figure

These cats wants to see what I am doing by dangling on the edge of my desk. They can be little distracting while I am working, because I notice their cute faces while they are dangling on my laptop! These cats would also like to check what I am about to drink by dangling on my juice cup! Lot of times they just gaze at me while stretching on the floor! ^_^ These lovely cats just loves to be with you at all times!

Creepy or Cute?

cat pillows. I guess you can get an 3XL tshirt printed with cat or other animals and then cut them up and sew them down to make that. definitely a to-do for me!

Cute Lovely Cat Watering Pot from Japan Makes Gardening More Fun

You can leave this small cat camera anywhere and it will take pictures at timed intervals until you come back for it. How silly! #Necono, #camera, @Alli M.