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Texts From Superheroes. Thanksgiving at Stately Wayne Manor

Nonsensical Batman

Batman and Arrow on superhero bases

Texts From Superheroes

25 Text Convos From Superheroes

Texts From Superheroes

Texts From Superheroes - DC Flash, Batman, Young Justice, Titans

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Texts from Superheroes

Lol...so harsh

Texts From Superheroes : Photo -- JLA. Flash is having a hard time walking on ice.

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15 Texts from Last Night (From Famous Superheroes) Pt. 3

Texts From Superheroes Spider-Man!

13 Texts from Superheroes

New Sidekick

New Batman sidekick


Texts from Superheroes: Car Keys

Thats why Diana is a badass!

Why Superman Wears a Cape, however Superman comics preceded Batman comics. Batman doesn't have a beginning. Before the beginning of the world, there was Batman. The world will always need Batman

Independence Day... Marvel-style

These 25 Texts From Superheroes Are Just Perfect. Some one please draw the Boston tea party with Tony Stark

Superhero texts.

Hawkeye and Spidey text

Well hell.

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Want to know how Wonder Woman and Superman have sex? ’Texts From Superheroes’ reveals this and other secrets via snarky text messages between superheroes.