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The mixture of tangy vegetables goes brilliantly with tasty sausages and fluffy baked potatoes.

Put down the microwave meal! We've got five quick and easy dishes to rustle up during the week, with vegetarian alternatives

Sweet potato & chicken hotpo image

Sweet potato and chicken hotpot

A tasty, timeless classic, great on its own or with a few green veg

A tasty, timeless classic, great on its own or with a few green veg - Cottage pie.

Mediterranean chicken with potato wedges

This one-tray chicken bake with courgettes, olives and potatoes really couldn't be simpler to make

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes.  I saw these on an Ina Garten special  - Barefoot in London.

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Baked sliced new potatoes (Ina Garten) ~ I love these & thought I had invented them ;-) Great tip: Put potato on wooden spoon so you don't slice all the way through

Sainsbury's brings you dinner plans full of quick recipes with something for everyone. Try our Crispy topped cottage pie.

Currently we are all embracing our foodie side. Whether it’s cooking a simple steak or a well cooked pasta dish, the foodie scene has exploded across the world. Yet we all are still wary of the necessary dietary requirements.

Leek and sweet potato moussaka

Leek and sweet potato ‘moussaka’ - Sainsbury's Magazine. Double cream is whipping cream. Be prepared to convert British measurements to American if necessary.

This hearty classic is made even more delicious by its veg topping

Cottage pie with vegetable mash topping - The mixed vegetable mash adds a flavoursome topping to the savoury mince (ground beef)

Spruce up your sausage supper with creamy veg to dip your wedges into

Sausages, potato wedges and creamy greens

Sainsbury's brings you delicious recipes to feed the whole family. Try our sausage, potato wedges and creamy greens recipe.