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Christmas Traditions in Germany: Saint Nicholas' Day - News - Bubblews

10 Ways to Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day

Looking for ways to remember one of our most beloved saints? Here are 10 fun and simple ways to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day.

Christmas in Germany

Father Christmas in Germany, having just eaten his Bratwurst mit Schinken unt Pumpernickel, looking forward to a litre of Spatenbrau.

Build anticipation for St. Nicholas Day with with this simple Waiting for St. Nicholas coloring page. Children can color the shoe and leave the paper in their cubbies, on their desks, or attached to their lockers on December 6 (the night before St. Nicholas Day).

Santa Claus was a Black Muurish European – By Oguejiofo Annu – Rasta Livewire. as surprising as that may sound, it may have traction. It should be noted that the celebration of Christmas started in Riga, Latvia, in a square in front of the "HOUSE of the BLACKHEADS". The German Amish took the celebration to America. There is possibly alot of hidden history between the Moors and Amish people, because Germany was once the home of Moors for many generations before being conquered.

St. Nicholas Day Shoe Coloring Page & Resources

Free shoe coloring page for St. Nicholas Day treats. On December 6 all of the classrooms in my school prepare for Saint Nicholas to visit. Students decorate a shoe or stocking of some type that will hold a special S. Nicholas Day treat on the morning of December 7. Students colored this simple Waiting for St. Nicholas sneaker and taped the shoe to their locker. A candy cane treat from St. Nicholas.