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Cheese and Sunflower Seed Crackers

Cheese and Sunflower Seed Crackers by Marisa | Food in Jars, via Flickr. Very tasty. Kept well for a couple of weeks. Put in oven for a few minutes before serving to crisp up. Next time, try spreading even thinner and leaving in for a touch longer.

Making sauerkraut in a mason jar is super easy! I never knew how few ingredients it takes, not to mention how fast the processing is! Step by Step Guide!

January/February 2017 from MothrErthLvng

Homemade Hummus (Using Sesame Seeds Instead of Purchased Tahini)

Hummus Made With Sesame Seeds (no need to buy expensive tahini) – made this again last night and was reminded again how easy it is (5 min.) and how good!! An Oregon Cottage