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from Mail Online

Who are you calling ugly? Gremlin bat nursed back to health after mum drops her in flight

Cruella the long eared bat. This is a picture of a 1 week old baby, brown long-eared bat, in the hand of a wildlife rescuer. It had to go thru rehabilitation, because her mother dropped her.

from Mail Online

Tripping the flight fantastic: Stunning images show agile bats hunting moths and drinking from pond

Captured: These amazing shots were captured by wildlife photographer Michael Durham who patiently waited for the creatures to appear - ready to snap them

from Mail Online

Adorable baby bats - honestly - snuggled in wool at animal shelter

Adorable baby bats - honestly - snuggled in wool at animal shelter | Mail Online


Pictures of the day: 30 July 2010

A baby long-eared bat is hand-reared at Secret Animal Rescue in Somerset. Its ears - not fully formed yet - will eventually sit on the top of its head, not the sides

giant fruit bat - the maldives

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Top 10 irreplaceable nature reserves on Earth - in pictures

Fruit bat with baby More

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Strewth, this weather's totally batty! It's not only the humans who have lost their homes in the Australian floods

Baby bats at the Bat Clinic in Advancetown,Australia, which has helped at least 130 baby bats after the wet weather.