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Vacationland 3-string Cigar Box License Plate resonator. Padron 3000 box (painted green); 1939 Maine license plate; oak neck with walnut & oak peg head; walnut/maple skunk-stripe fret board with inlaid walnut and maple dots. Piezo disc attached to neck under bridge. 24-inch fret scale.

homemade resonator guitar | Anyone Else Building Homemade Electric Resonators? - Cigar Box Nation

KARTAL A khartal or kartal is a percussion instrument of India. Khartal is an ancient instrument mainly used in devotional / folk songs. It has derived its name from Hindi words ‘kara’ means hand and ‘tala’ means clapping. This wooden clapper is a Ghana Vadya which has discs or plates that produce a clinking sound when clapped together. It falls under the class of idiophones of self-sounding instruments that combine properties of vibrator and resonator. Usually made wood or metal, a…