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a blessing to others, being a blessing to others, he who waters will also be watered himself, the generous soul will be made rich,

blue moon on water, the tree and me

blue moon on water, the tree and me

Luna llena.

*Blue sky~Full moon - surreal Travel and Photography from around the world.


The moon sinking into the Aegean Sea, located between the Greek and Anatolian Peninsulas.

Ontspanningsoefeningen voor tussendoor

An unsettled mind causes the need to constantly rearrange life which blocks one from seeing life as it truly is. Only when life is accepted as it is will the rearranging cease as the mind settles.

Beach, North Sea, Sea, Sunset, Water

Free Image on Pixabay - Beach, North Sea, Sea, Sunset

Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds with iridescent feathers. There are many types or species of hummingbirds in the world.

Different Types of Hummingbird With Beautiful Fact And Picture

Moonlight, Nature, White People, Nice

Cancer Rising corresponds to where the sea meets the land where the shallows are.

New free stock photo of snow dawn landscape

New free stock photo of snow, dawn, landscape

still photograph of purple flower

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