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complex wood floor

complex wood floor

Constructivist | Mesguich Mosaik

This mosaic of bold white, pitch black, dusty brown and fading grey culminate to form the picture of a circle cut in half. From up above, it might look more like a sphere.

Pattern on Industrial Design Served

Pattern ceramic tiles - Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

(via Pin by t h e f u l l e r v i e w on p a t t e r n | Pinterest)

Timber Floors at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo - this would make a great quilt pattern


Cement Tiles - hexagon terra cotta stripe - mission stone and tile

terra cotta

terra cotta

Neat tile pattern.

Greg Natale Sydney Interior Designers but I'm seeing a

Aarhus City Hall, Denmark by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller.

While we're big-upping Scandinavian design icons - flooring from Arne Jacobsen's and Erik Moller's Aarhus City Hall in Denmark.

Explore timeless bathroom and kitchen floors of custom terracotta tiles, luxury woods, and unique stones.

ZEP 9 Parquet Flooring By Tabarka Studio Foyer Dreaming

floor + wood combination

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for…