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Each course contains a real-world crime scenario to grab the user's attention and hold it as they learn valuable forensic accounting skills. The law-and-order theme continues throughout the course using visuals, sound effects, and animations. Characters are voiced by professional actors and add interest and personality to the story line. Course information is easy to find and explore, and suspense keeps learners on the edge of their seats.

The goal of this course was to ensure that learners behave in accordance with the client's acceptable use policy and identify and report any violations.

This compliance course makes learning fun by sending learners back in time to prevent an injury. Learners are prompted to recognize hazards, explain potential injuries, and identify prevention steps.

This fun and interactive travel training takes learners around the world! These courses take a deep dive into federal travel regulations that a government employee needs to know.

How do you make engagement surveys engaging? PT, formerly Weejee Learning, integrated departmental leader boards into its HTML5 anonymous survey engine to increase annual Engagement Survey completion to nearly 100% globally at this Fortune 500 company.

This compliance refresher game was designed to instruct the learner on everything they need to know before they stop playing. The course information is visually appealing and interactive. As employees complete sections of the course, they earn gadgets that help them find the Neds hidden in five cities. Tools and resources are available in the backpack for easy access. PT, formerly Weejee Learning, delivered a high quality, engaging compliance game that made learning fun.

This e-learning was converted from face-to-face training to create interactive, engaging online learning. The e-learning incorporates photographic imagery with custom illustrations, and includes professional narration with African voice talent. Practice activities are created to allow field agents to apply their skills. The training is developed in English and French.

This innovative and collaborative learning curricula was created using an HTML5 browser-based framework. K-12 educators can learn on any device as video guides help them step through the interactive content.

These interactive modules contain photo-realistic 3D models of complex devices, and introduce learners to device design, installation procedures, and service tasks. Topics this detailed are often covered in paper-based product manuals, which can be confusing and insufficient. Each step is thoroughly explained and demonstrated using on screen instructions, audio narration, 3D demonstrations, zooms and highlights.

In this interactive timeline, historic events are sorted into six categories. Desktop and tablet users can travel through history by simply dragging or swiping, and by zooming in or out on any part of the timeline. With a single click, pop-ups appear with event details, including images and videos. A robust back-end database allows administrators to easily add or edit events.