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from Autonomous Mutations

Yasutaro Mitsui with his own steel humanoid, early ’30s.

I have a feeling this was a real-life robot that someone once built, rather than something from a movie. I could be wrong though. Wasn't it found dismantled in a shed and then restored, a couple of years back?

from Mail Online

New Jersey's deep sea train graveyard: Locomotives lost in the 1850s found preserved 90 feet under water

a Pioneer steam locomotive. ... =====>Information=====>

Wow, Dewey's words from the early 1900's are (as usual) still so true today. For all of my ECE followers, really consider this. What is one thing that you think about in your practice that is if not exactly, almost exactly the same as when you were this age in school? Is this working for your students now? Did it work for you then? Be critical!