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This. Is SO cute! :) lol

We were going to make a bad pun or play on words about this exclusive, but nevermind. boompen: ECCC Variant ADVENTURE TIME by Ian McGin.<<< it's great because it's a mash up of Adventure Time and a Nirvana album cover.

Adventure Time is back on April 2nd, y'all!

Adventure Time Jake shows the dancing bug how it's done! I laugh at the bit every time XD

Why I always try to look presentable when I go out into public.

These sweatpants have another name. Yeah don't you always call sweatpants, give-up-on-life pants, Jake? I do because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house even if it's just for ice cream or t. or whatev.

The opposite of a problem.

That's the opposite of a problem...

Funny pictures about That's the opposite of a problem. Oh, and cool pics about That's the opposite of a problem. Also, That's the opposite of a problem.

Adventure time totoro crossover!

Adventure time and My Neighbor Totoro crossover. BTW My Neighbor Totoro is a really good Japanese movie it's not actually in Japanese it's by the makers of The Secret World Of Ariette and Ponyo. I will admit I am a big nerd for anime!