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Those close to me might say this is so true of me but really my mother was the Queen of this talent ... tyle.b

Surely, you and I don’t have to run on empty! Not with a God like this. We can run on His power and by His grace. We can run through the happiness, through the failure, and through the ten million dirty diapers ahead.

LOL!! I cant stop laughing. This is so me. A clue, if my legs are crossed my foot will start going up and down. Fair warning. ha

The reason I moved to Lbk was so I didn't have to deal with bullshit. But now I realize that I have a home, with the love of my life & maybe one day a little love of my life, that bullshit can't ever enter. I don't need to run away, I just need to remember that bullshit can't barge into my life, no matter how hard it tries.