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Cogidubnus - Rome Against Caratacus

Italy before Roman conquest In its early years, the Romans shared Italy with several other peoples. The dominant power in the neighborhood of Rome was the Etruscans. We don't know very much about these people, in part because we haven't figured out how to read their distinctive language. But the evidence suggests that Rome was ruled by Etruscan kings until the Romans revolted and established a republic — an event that is traditionally dated to 509 BC.

A British chieftain pays taxes to the Romans. One of the main factors in the fall of the Western Roman Empire was the willingness of the later empire to cede territory to non tax paying barbarian allies, who contributed soldiers, but no revenue to the Roman state - in fact barbarian Kings took on tax raising powers of their own from Roman provincials.

Cogidubnus - Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography - Journey to Britannia

Matilda, Empress Matilda 7 April 1141– 1 November 1141 Title disputed - born 7 February 1102 Sutton Courtenay daughter of Henry I and Edith of Scotland - died 10 September 1167 Notre Dame du Pré in Rouen aged 65

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