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Viserys Targaryen

Viserys Targaryen

f Fighter chain mail armor sword Visenya by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art sister of Aegon I

Dark Sister is a famous Valyrian steel longsword, one of two ancestral swords of House Targaryen (the other being Blackfyre). Dark Sister was wielded by.

Aegon Targaryen, o Primeiro de Seu Nome, também conhecido como Aegon, o Conquistador ou Aegon, o Dragão, foi o primeiro Rei no Trono de Ferro, que conquistou seis dos Sete Reinos e fundou a soberana dinastia Targaryen de Westeros.

Aegon Targaryen First of His Name was the conqueror of the Seven Kingdoms and the founder of the ruling Targaryen dynasty of Westeros.

Viserys Targaryen, the Beggar King, by Amok. "My brother visited Pentos, Myr, Braavos, near all the Free Cities. The magisters and archons fed him wine and promises, but his soul was starved to death. A man cannot sup from the beggar’s bowl all his life and stay a man."

Viserys III Targaryen was the eighteenth member of the Targaryen dynasty to claim the Iron.

Targaryen by Amok (2/4)

Rhaenys, Aegon (The Conqueror) and Visenya Targaryen. The Targaryens who conquered Westeros with their three dragons Vhagar (ridden by Visenya), Meraxes (ridden by Rhaenys) and Balerion the Black Dread (ridden by Aegon)

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  ― Albert Camus

daenerys targaryen (a song of ice and fire) drawn by reine (artist)



Queen Daenerys: Stunningly Beautiful Portrait Illustration of Dany by mehdic Recommended: A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition Book One

Daeron I by Amok.jpg

Daeron I by Amok.