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Henrique Oliveira

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates incredible sculptures out of old wood fences from construction sites. Shown above is his installation last year at the Rice Gallery in Houston. It's titled Tapumes, which means "fencing" in Portuguese.

What would you do if you woke up and your whole bedroom has become an aquarium? And what would you think if, while you’re watching a movie with your partner, you suddenly found yourself surrounded by squirrels? Decades before Photoshop was available, American photographer and installation artist Sandy Skoglund started creating surreal images by building [...]

Surreal images made from elaborate sets by Sandy Skoglund

REVENGE OF THE GOLDFISH, © 1981 Sandy Skoglund color photograph; image area 27 X Individually hand-made ceramic goldfish by the artist, with live models in painted set.

Odani Motohiko, Image via www.thisiscolossal.com

The Dark Arts of Japan

Wood art

Check Out These Breathtaking Urban Landscapes Made Out Of Wood Scraps

Installation by Henrique Oliveira where a twisted entanglement of tree branches appears to grow organically from the beams of Paris' Palais de Tokyo museum.

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira for Palais de Tokyo

baitogogo, a twisted entanglement of tree branches that appears to grow organically from the beams, by brazillian artist henrique de oliveira at palais de tokyo, paris: André Morin

I have always had a thing for trees but I hate to see them boxed in.  I am sure this might beautiful in someones eyes.  So I imagine they wrap the trees in big beautiful lights at Christmas and they let the kids see the lights - yep that will make it on the stuff I like list

Not just installation art but planted, growing art. Alapuolella maa - The ground beneath by Finnish artist Jaakko Pernu

Reality was the only thing that returned home...

Robe Of Dead Soldiers by artist Do-Ho Suh - Made of thousands of fallen soldiers dog tags! Beautiful and heartbreaking

Brutalist Art wall sculpture

I'm not a huge fan of brutalism, but I love this. Of course Morgan could staple a brown paper bag to the wall and I would think it was brilliant.

Artist Henrique Oliveira's recycled, reclaimed sculptures.

Artist Henrique Oliveira's recycled, reclaimed materials into organic looking, dramatic, large-scale sculptures.