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Yeah, but he KNOWS how to wear it! Am I right!? He puts it on better than most of the girls you see (but I don't wear make-up so who am I to judge?)

I think I found out where my cats keep running off to. I lost 3 cats. I think they saw me watching Black Butler and thought Sebastian was so sexy that he would be the perfect master. XD

Tokyo Ghoul - Rize Kamishiro. A warm approachable Avid Reader and the shadow of a Binge eating Ghoul(Cannibalist). Perfect personification

Go Chat Noir! Ladybug is amazing but Chat Noirs 'Cataclysm', cat puns and amazing seductiveness will always win me over! Co Chat!!!

We all know he's only with Asuna for her sandwiches. Lol. Just kidding. Such a cute couple

congratulations to whatever artist managed to make the captain look affectionate towards another living thing

Kyo Sohma Nyanko Final by ~Zaph-chan on deviantART