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Growing Squash—‘Bonbon’ Buttercup

Each plant usually produces squash, but these two produced 26 squash between them. Not all are shown here, some were left on the vine to ripen further. To learn more about growing squash, see www.grow-it-organ.

How To Correctly Plant A Tomato To Get 5 – 8ft Tomato Plants

per pinner, How to correctly plant a tomato. Includes the perfect fertilizer mix I use every year (minus the fish heads) and I get tomato trees!

building a raised bed garden with cinder blocks - & another pinner said to fill the "holes" with flowers/herbs! by lydia

GOTTA TRY Raised Garden Bed. Like this idea a lot. You can plant in the brick holes as well. Perhaps beneficial plants/flowers?

7 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

7 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Tips On Organic Gardening For New Gardeners - Pasion Infinita - Home Decorations Tips, Home Decor Tips, Home Improvement Tips

I love researching, hunting down and analyzing different varieties of foods. Heirloom tomatoes are a hot topic in the summer but in the fall and winter I love squash and potato varieties. A pumpkin or a squash? What’s the difference? To be official, pumpkins are actually a type of squash and come from the Cucurbitaceae …

Types of Fall Squash (and How to Use Them

3 Ways to Keep Rabbits out of Your Garden Organically - wikiHow

How to Keep Rabbits out of Your Garden Organically. Rabbits are an invasive pest in many areas of the world. You can often deter them from your garden plants with smelly or spicy materials made at home, but it may take several tries to.

When and how to harvest Hubbard Squash - when the vine starts to die back.

The peak-season for winter squashes is from mid-autumn through early winter. The Blue Hubbard Squash—which is also called the New England Blue Hubbard—is a

Great idea for my window sill

Como plantar ervas em potes de vidro / How to Plant Herbs In Mason Jars - The Contractor Chronicles

Herb signs

Another quick, easy and free project for you! Actually, I did this two years ago. I took a couple photos, because at the time I was .

Summer Squash Varieties

Summer Squash Harvest - Patty pan squash are like little flying saucers with scalloped edges. They have a delicious, nutty crunch, and are great sliced in half and grilled, or chopped and sautéed quickly with fresh herbs.

Wooden Planter Sets

Your beautiful outdoor landscape isn't complete without some fun garden decorations. Explore our wide selection of front yard decor and solar lighting.

When To Harvest Squash: Best Time To Pick Winter Or Summer Squash

Harvesting Squash - Picking Winter Or Summer Squash

Growing Squash in Containers—Zucchini ‘Raven’

If you're growing zucchini in containers, choose a compact bush variety like‘Raven,’ and grow it in large container like this shrub pot.