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When they discovered the exact archetype that Hades fell into. | 31 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About Disney

Admit it, you read it in their voices and in the tune of the song. One of the best parts of lion king! - HE COULD CLEAR THE SAVANA AFTER EVERY MEAL

this is something the beeg would do @D'dra Michael @Amanda Snelson Snelson Michael @Jonelle Bell Bell Richardson @Aubrey Godden Godden michael: Mom Humor, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Hilarious, So Funny, Giggles, Awesome Mom

22. When your bestie starts gushing about her new crush: This one's different... He's honest, and he's sweet, and wouldn't do anything to hurt me. HE'S A GUY!!!

Pinner wrote 'I was told you would like this. It's my mom's Disney movie collection. She isn't missing many, and even has the Sing-Alongs on the side of this case.' I say WOW, i want my disney collection to look like this!