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From rock we came to rock we will return

Anaisa Pye is a very popular Loa within Dominican Vodou. She is considered the patron saint of love, money, and general happiness. She is often considered extremely flirtatious, generous, and playful by her devotees. She is also very jealous of the worship of other female Loas, as she considers herself able to provide for anything a person could request.

TAURUS - Zodiac African American Art Black Woman Goddess Natural Hair Afro Afrofuturism Fantasy Illustration Painting by Sheeba Maya

Epaheey! "OYA", Goddess of Winds, Storms and Changes of Fortunes". "The GODDESSES / Psychology of Female Power".

Oshun<<<<um, because of the dancing, the whip of lightning, the yellow colors, the storm brewing, and the animal behind her, I think that's actually Oya

Bastet was the daughter of Ra, and patron goddess of the city of Bubastis in Lower Egypt. After the New Kingdom she became an important national god. Cats were seen as her sacred animals and often mummified and buried with their owners.

Yemaya is the Afrocuban spelling of the Yoruba Orisa Yemoja. Goddess of the Ogun River and all waters, especially the sea, her name comes from the Yoruba “Yeye emo eja” and means: “Mother whose children are the fishes”. She represents motherhood, nurturing, healing. She is bountiful and plenteous, full of selfless generosity. Normally gentle and calm, her anger is swift and terrible like a tsunami. She is the Mother of the world and sustains all living things.