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Photographers capture 30 babies who might grow up to be super geeks.

Photographers capture 30 babies as super geeks.heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter wizards, Lord of the Rings hobbits, and

$19.99 for this Giant Elephant Baby Pillow. Makes the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Giant Elephant Baby Pillow

Dear Santa, I want her....please leave her under my tree this year! I've been very good. lol Beyond adorable!!!! <3

♡♡♡I wish this was a real baby dress like this and I would have to name her after my gramnda Edna Louise and have adorable fashion daughter .

10 little toes and 10 little fingers by judy

My grandparents gave each grandchild a different first stuffed animal when we were born. This would be a perfect newborn photo. OMG this is adorable. Love this newborn photo