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Why leaving narcissistic abuse is so important. He use to smoke in the car with the kids...I never wanted to fight. I stopped standing up to preserve the "peace." //With someone that selfish, it's obviously a miserable experience...

Safe in your mysterious waters... Waters flowing in jade and aquamarine... Divine breath whispers over me... In the echoes of our halcyon seas... xo

You are birthed into this great mystery of life, never loose your inner child. That is the most curious part of us, is to be open to all of it, observe, understand that you are a part of it all. <3 -Mary Long-

A Grain Of Sand-Fine Art Photography by EDMPoetryPhotography- | Erica Massaro | Beach Sand | Summer | William Blake Poetry | To See a World in a Grain of Sand Poem | Brown | Natural | Neutral Colors | Summer |

So true! This link contains the story of a 1500's nun who made a 40-year pact with the devil, who first appeared to her while she was at church, as a 5-year-old child. Also, reading St. Padre Pio's accounts of the many shapes and forms in which the devil appeared to him are chilling!

“the thing about writing is / i can’t tell if it’s healing / or destroying me,” Rupi Kaur writes in her debut book of poetry, Milk and Honey. It’s a complete poem in its own - one of many micro-poems in the book, shorter tha...