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Yoga, an ancient practice and meditation, has become increasingly popular in today's busy society. For many people, yoga provides a retreat from their chaotic and busy lives. It helps you develop a positive body image and helps you become a ...

yoga poses and benefits

yoga poses and benefits

Adult Ballet Class is a great place to learn ballet without the pressure of becoming a professional dancer. Most adult ballet classes are for  adults 18 and older who have little or no previous training. However, some schools and studios offer various...

Yoga Poses for a Head-Turning Body

Practice yoga 6 days a week. Add strength training in the middle of the yoga practice. Then finish the yoga practice to stretch out the muscles worked with weights. Stress reduction & relief of tension in my body led to greater weight loss for me before.

Your Life On and Off the Mat

<3 Yoga - "Lo Yoga mi ha insegnato ad amarmi. Per questo io amo lo Yoga" :)

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

The ways in which yoga helps transform our physical body as well as the benefits to our overall health.

How To Do The Ustrasana And What Are Its Benefits

Camel Pose- How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?: this pose releases so much emotion, real heart opener. Contact Information

Types Of Yoga - Which One Is Best For You?

NogiiUK - Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram @Nogii UK --- 5 Types Of Yoga And Their Benefits

6 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

6 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss: These bathing exercises are easy ad painless techniques to lose weight easily.