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Get the Relay Like me on Facebook This video shows how to use a relay with an Arduino micro controller. This is a ve...

chibird: Just a very motivational bunny to cheer you on through the week! We can do it guys- we can make it through. >o< Hello everyone- sorry for the absence. I have just made a big change and moved across the country for 3 months for a summer internship. It is definitely stressful adjusting to the new place with no friends or family. Hopefully things will get better soon, and I will be able to draw again. Until then, wish me luck on my newest adventure in life!

Extend your Gel Manicure for an extra week with the Glitter Fade . . . Luck Mag: "If too much new nail is starting to show, fill the space with glitter and seal with top coat."

commission a dog painting... I love this style. May have to send my Shelby's pic in for a commissioned portrait!

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