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Running alongside the 2012 Olympics, 'British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age' told the story of British fashion, furniture, fine art, graphic design, photography, ceramics, architecture and industrial products over the past 60 years.

historyoftheisles: The 1948 London Olympic poster is simple and iconic. The classic Greek Discobolus statue standing in front of the iconically British Houses of Parliament make up the poster. It is simple and straightforward and the style is still closely connected to the propaganda posters put out during World War II. Due to the short time frame of planning for the 1948 Olympics no type of design contest was held, which could have been a reason for the simple design. 100,000 of these…

Logo of the 1948 Olympic Games - London, England. London was originally set to host the 1944 Olympic Games but it was cancelled due do World War II.