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Lol true dat<< well isn't that sad and fucked up, sucks to be you <<whoever posted that last comments an idiot, it must suck not to have something that means so much to you.

@Emma Szilagyi @Livia Schmidt @brittany kraft @Callysta Schofield That was like the first thing I said to everyone

Lol this is good ;) but seriously though, I know exactly how perfect I would be with Ashton! We genuinely have so much in common!! We would have so much to talk about!! For there to be a perfect relationship, opposites don't have to attract, sometimes those that have a lot in common, work out the best!

OMG OMG Taylor made a big mistake doing that I mean I love her she is my role model but really

Yep this is pretty accurate. The people touching me one, not nearly as much because I'm a pretty affectionate person and I love people who are too. But occasionally, anxiety from that will still happen.

haha I love this....bought that shirt, stole that shirt, we don't care...pretty much how I would be if I was famous

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There are so many reasons I love this movie, this line is one of them