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First teaser and meet-cute for Prime Minister and I » Dramabeans » Deconstructing korean dramas and kpop culture

First teaser and meet-cute for Prime Minister and I

12 YEARS LATER: BLAIR 'SORRY' FOR IRAQ WAR - DRUDGE REPORT .... As well as apologising for the Iraq War, the former Prime Minister also admitted he could be partly to blame for the rise of Islamic State

I'm sorry: Blair takes blame for Iraq War

Tony Blair Apologises For Iraq War Mistakes, Concedes Invasion Played Part In Rise Of Islamic State

In front of an ambulance which takes us to the hospital where healthcare is free I commented on this one

Can we become one with Canada now and banish the orange tyrant to Antarctica

Harry Potter

Amazing Harry Potter Fan Revelations That Will Make You Rethink Everything

J.K. Rowling blasts the hypocrisy of sexist 'liberal' men in an epic tweetstorm. Link: http://www.upworthy.com/jk-rowling-blasts-the-hypocrisy-of-sexist-liberal-men-in-an-epic-tweetstorm?g=2&c=ufb1

The man is entitled to his opinion however, It was unnecessary to use that foul language to describe our Prime Minister. I think that Theresa May is a good prime minister.

I can't imagine a time where feminist isn't a loaded word, but I hope for it.

Justin Trudeau is a feminist, a hottie, and the prime minister of Canada. My latest obsession.

THIS ( ^ ) is systematic oppression. Using women as a scape goat, and then trying to play it off to the stereotype of "lol women don't understand business + politics". Feminism is needed in the first world, try again

Not sure that's strictly true, David Cameron left because he disagreed with Brexit and Theresa May was one of the few to step up and say theyd deal with it