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Tips on How to Disappear Without a Trace When SHTF :

Sex After SHTF: 4 Considerations

Sex After SHTF: 4 Considerations - Have you thought about what it means to have sex during a long-term disaster? If people are hunkering down rather than going to their jobs, many of them are going to have sex for comfort, or just for something to do (especially if there aren’t any electronics to pass the time).

The So-Called Safe Places Are Safe Now But What About When The SHTF What about…

Whether you're traveling in a foreign country with a high crime rate, dealing with a natural disaster, or even a temporary collapse of society for some reason, being able to blend in can save your life. Here are some tips from someone who knows exactly how to do that.

Civil unrest is common in the world, it always has been and always by degrees. Civil unrest can turn into rioting, looting, bombings and marches on govern

50+ Ways to Use Household Items as Emergency Supplies

Don't throw away that broom; that single sock has a purpose; put those plastic soda bottles to work with these 50+ clever ways to use household items as secret emergency supplies!

Survival Skills to Learn from the Indian Tribes... Living as part of the land and surviving with stealth kept Native Americans alive and thriving. Find out how they did it!

Survival Tips And Tricks Learned From The Experts

43 Off the Grid Survival Life Hacks

43 Off the Grid Survival Life Hacks | Survival tips for preppers at #survivallife #survivalskills

Cold Weather Survival Tips

Tips for Surviving in Cold Weather | Winter Survival Tips, Gears And Tools by Survival Life at