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I love how he just can't answer due to the fact that he has a husband and that Benedict and Martin are both extremely hot and can't answer, so simply BOTH.

The new photos of Captain Jack and Ianto's return to Torchwood are just adorable

Torchwood new episodes: Big Finish confirm Captain Jack, Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper will return for a new series this Novemeber

No ok so I've always that that it's because the TARDIS translates things so the companions can understand it, so it just takes into account the companion's accent. But Jack is already speaking in the same language, so they don't even worry about it and just let him speak American. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

The New Constantine Comic Is Way More Comfortable With His Bisexuality

Wallpaper and background photos of Captain Jack Harkness,John barrowman and David Tennant for fans of Doctor Who images. 34840887

John Barrowman is in talks to get Torchwood back on TV

There’s room for more than one Doctor Who spin-off in this town