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Before Julia can have a boyfriend, it is a tradition for their mother to approve the guy she will be dating. You have to wait until you are 17 to be able to date as well.

VSCO Cam Filter Settings #iphonenography

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This would be my mom in the middle with Aunt Sue on the Right and Aunt Nancy on the left... They must be watching Uncle Sam...

I came from a family of three girls. I had three daughters. First two were 22 months apart, the third was 5 years later.

Hih, good direction. Type B  Imaginit8ve and cool with the outcome. .Are You More Type A, Type B, Or Type C?

Are You More Type A, Type B Or Type C?

You’re all about finding the perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation this summer. You’re quirky and creative, but you’re also very pragmatic. Summer is the perfect time to blend those two sides of your personality with some fun, bright streaks. It’s a fun, summery pop that you can easily keep or change once the colder months are back, and in the meantime, you’ll look fabulous.

What Hair Color Should You Rock This Summer?

I'm pretty sure this is true - Funny tumblr post

Then we dance around a bonfire surrounded by sacrificed beavers chanting ancient Iroquois tongue while eating Tim Hortons with snowshoes on.


Only use positive words and statements when addressing each other in a conflict. This might be very difficult, but it’s highly rewarding.

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Mai naym is dog And wen it dae I liek to plae In teh sun All dae Wen my hooman pak I find a snak I lik da snek

Determined - You're a very determined person in life. You have the most robust capability of truly getting what you want regardless of the circumstances. You can climb intimidating heights effortlessly and smoothly. People know you to be a go-getter and that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

You have a reputation for being quite classy. You are very self aware and the…

Swiss Cheese

The reason behind the increasing shrinking holes in mouth watering Swiss cheese