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I am addicted to mobile. How to stop it?

You're in New York and you're lost- Really lost. You're hesitant to ask for directions, but, you finally ask an elderly woman how to get back to your hotel. She begins to tell you her story. It's beautiful and tragic, and you can't stop asking her questions. Talk about this woman, how she looks, sounds, and fill us in on her story.

"Humans have been looking for the answer to this question for centuries ... and have likely been asking it for much, much longer. For there to be life outside Earth, of course, the right conditions would have to be in place, beginning with the right planet."


10 Interesting Mysteries of the Universe

One of the findings in the 1980s was that galaxies rotate so fast that they should spin apart rather than hold together. This led to the discovery of dark matter, a force which cannot be seen (it neither absorbs nor emits light) but which exerts a gravitational pull that holds clusters of galaxies in place. Scientists say that about 25% of the universe consists of dark matter.

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Molesley - Matthewʼs valet. Life is an uphill struggle for Molesley. He spends a lot of time trying to convince Matthew Crawley that he will need a proper valet at the big house, once he is married to Lady Mary. But is Matthew listening, and will Molesley finally get his moment? Played by Kevin Doyle

Andromeda galaxy's exotic X-ray signal is really a bright black hole..

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Something terrible is happening on the streets of Smileston… Hayden McCall is clueless. A jobless layabout in his mid-twenties, his only worry is whether he’ll be able to contact his parents quick enough to help pay his next rent installment. But when his landlord finally does come knocking soaked in blood, Hayden fast realizes that something is not right. People are butchering one another in the streets. Internet and television signals are down. And the…