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Love My puppy italian greyhound soooooo much ❤️

Love My puppy italian greyhound soooooo much ❤️ もっと見る

I love my Italian Greyhounds

My Iggy looks EXACTLY like the White/Blue Iggy in this picture! Look so much a like that if this beauty came for a visit, I would not be able to tell them apart!


Just adopted two Italian Greyhound from our local shelter. They had an Octoberfest. This looks exactly like my Juliette. So meek and scared.if I was a dog!

Baby Grey

Italian Greyhound, I had one named Chloe looked just like this one. I named my Leopard Turtle after her, in her memory.

Dog-Italian_Greyhound-An_incredible_little_Italian_Greyhound_puppy_with_one_ear_folder_back.jpg (588×768)

The modern Italian Greyhound originated in Italy about years ago when Italians starting breeding the naturally born smaller sized Greyhounds, which eventually resulted in the modern Italian Greyhound. This breed was created to be a companion animal