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I started a second project. It was essentially colour blocks (which we know I love) that sort of bleed into each other but with a distinct white line separating each block. Trial #1 of this arty experiment is fun and colourful and interesting ... but I found that the paint bled too much under the masking take I used to separate the colour blocks. It looks cheap. So I'll have to find a suitable alternative for it or find a creative solution. Here's a sneak peak of my first attempt.

from decor8

DIY: Creative Paper Lamps

Como criar lminarias unicas usando tiras de papel e pedacos de tecido.

from Etsy

RESERVED for paula 1954 Handemade Pendleton Wool Round Braided Rug in Sky Blue with colorful accent swirls

Braided Rug

great example of tints 'n' shades using a landscape

Joel uses a wood burning tool to draw his children's drawings of people onto blocks.