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the world is a really big place

Such a Small Word

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.

Connecticut-based artist, illustrator, and jewelry maker Brenda Lyons crafts gorgeous portraits of creatures on an unconventional surface. Moulted turkey f

Gorgeous Animal Portraits Painted on Wild Turkey Feathers

And they say money can’t buy happiness… Shut up and take my money!

And they say money can’t buy happiness…

Some of this stuff is not so cool, but a lot of it is completely awesome! Imagine accidentally swallowing those AK 47 bullet shaped ice cubes.

I wish I knew more about this image

Prince Bastion found the secret garden and in its midst stood the tree of life. What he thought always to be a fairy tale was real. His mind spinning he knew he had to find the One, If the tree was real then He must b too.

Kirk McGuire bronze sculpture of a Pacific Giant Octopus

Bronze octopus sculpture by Kirk McGuire. The artist has a photographic memory and has sculpted many times from memory alone.

Funny Tips

Funny Tips

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Receiving and responding to a Facebook notification makes you feel good, but does that mean you're on your way toward Facebook addiction?

How is Facebook Addiction Affecting Our Minds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the U. will mark Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) as a 'real' disorder - it will be included in the DSM-V.